New York-based artist Brent Jerome Nolasco strives to continuously evolve his ideas as well as the forms he uses to express these. Admitting that he gets easily bored when doing the same things, he makes sure his art allows him to use different environments to create varied situations.


Though he has launched his work at the Toy Art Gallery and submitted his pieces for Contemporary Figurative Modifications back in 2011. The brief break he took from creating was his way to slow down and gather his thoughts before he heads to a new artistic direction. He currently continues to sketch and redefine his painting and graphite-drawing skills. He has also developed brand new characters for his 3-D sculpts.


In the future, he sees himself collaborating with different artists who specialize in resin – a totally new medium for Nolasco but one that he is more than willing to embrace in order to get out of his comfort zone. After this, a blank canvas awaits him.  All he knows is that he will keep on refining his skills to become a better artist.

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